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Folyovich András

András Folyovich MD PhD

President of Hungarian National Stroke Prevention and Rehabilitation League

Curriculum vitae

Béres-Molnár Katalin Anna

Katalin Anna Béres-Molnár

Head of Department of Neurology and Stroke Center, Szent János Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

Born in Budapest, Hungary, she graduated at the Medical Faculty of Semmelweis University, and trained at the Department of Neurology and Stroke of Szent János University Hospital, Budapest.
She obtained Board Certification in Neurology in 2017. Her main areas of scientific interest are immunological changes during acute stroke, stroke epidemiology and medical enteral nutrition of stroke patients. She is the teacher of Semmelweis University. Katalin Anna Béres-Molnár is the Secretary of Horányi Béla Clinical Neuroscience Society and of Board of Trustees of Csanda Endre Neurological Foundation.

Number of publications is 97, lectures 164, IF: 6,941.

Bodnár Eszter Rita

Eszter Rita Bodnár

M.Sc. Physiotherapist

I am a dedicated physiotherapist with the main aim to enhance the quality of life and autonomy of my patients. Continuous professinal development has always been important for me, therefore I continued my studies at the University of Copenhagen. My main filed of interest is stroke rehabiliation.

Curriculum vitae